March 25, 2007

News! At least if you are into ArmA. I have setup a project to provide auto-addon for ArmA. Please register at the forums or keep an eye at the

September 9, 2005

OFP Watch is no longer actively maintained! Well at least I make that official now.

In the beginning I didn’t expect my simple server monitor to grow with features the way it did and have such an impact on the community. I’m very pleased with the response and I’ve had a lot of fun improving OFP Watch for you guys. Thank you! However, I stopped playing OFP a long time ago, the code base in OFP Watch is getting old and I’m the main developer for a commercial software company. I don’t have the time or inspiration to update OFP Watch. OFP Watch has many flaws and limitations but it will remain one of the best alternatives for launching and add-on management. It should continue to serve the community well as it is.

If needed, I might be back with fresh tools for Armed Assault, unless someone beats me to it.



One of the biggest hassles with Operation Flashpoint in multiplayer is the waiting in the lobby at my favourite game server for the next game to start. Often I alt+tab out to read my email or surf the net. When I later alt+tab back I find that I missed the new mission start and I'm stuck in the lobby for another 30 minutes or god knows how long for an ongoing RTS or co-op mission.

OFP Watch will do this waiting for you and let you know when the current mission is over or reassigned. OFP Watch also works as a launcher, integrated addon manager and automatic addon downloader from OFP Servers supporting the Auto-Addon feature.


This is an unofficial Operation Flashpoint utility not in any way associated with Codemasters or Bohemia Interactive. I'm just an OFP fan that wrote this utility for my own personal pleasure but I feel others can find great use for it as well.

OFP Watch is a networking application and steps have been taken for it not to compromise any computer's stability, security or personal integrity. No personal information is sent by or can be retrieved from OFP Watch. With personal information means any data stored on the hosting computer. The only exceptions to this is OFP Watch version number and a millisecond counter which is used when OFP Watch checks for updates/news.

You do however use this software at your own risk.


OFP Watch and Auto-Addon Server are © Copyright 2005 by John Hammarberg (Certa) but anyone is granted the following rights:

OFP Watch and the Auto-Addon Server are free to use as long as it's not used to inflict any harm or damage (other than being on time for the game and beating up opponents in-game using fair play). Anyone is encouraged and free to redistribute OFP Watch or Auto-Addon Server to friends or foe as long as it's not charged for and as long as it's binary contents remains unaltered. In other words, feel free to upload/mirror OFP Watch at your favourite Flashpoint community.

Download & Installation

The latest version can always be downloaded from from this site. The file is zipped and smaller than 400K.

Download OFP Watch 1.22b (Auto-Addon Client)

Older version: OFP Watch 1.08

Recommended installation: Place ofpwatch.exe in a folder of its own (Example C:\ofpwatch). Make a shortcut to ofpwatch.exe on your desktop and you are ready to go. To uninstall just remove the folder and the shortcut.

OFP Watch is tested and run well on Win 98/ME/2000/XP and even NT (though OFP won't run on NT). OFP Watch is a real executable, no .NET thing.

Language files

From version 1.09 and newer OFP Watch supports language files. An OFP Watch language file is a text file containing all the text OFP Watch uses. It can be edited with Notepad.EXE or any text editor of choice.

To install OFP Watch with a different language than English do the following: Install OFP Watch 1.09 or newer following the instruction above. Download your language of choice and unzip ofpwatchlanguage.ini to the same folder as ofpwatch.exe. Start OFP Watch and you are done. If you want to go back to English, just delete ofpwatchlanguage.ini and restart.

Currently available languages:

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OFP Watch usage statistics



Updated for version


Chinese (Simplified)

1.10 and newer

April / MP-OFP

Chinese (Traditional)

1.10 and newer

April / MP-OFP


1.10 and newer



1.10 and newer

Nuker / MuPPetS


1.10 and newer

Tak / [LOL]


1.10 and newer

Benu / GDT and MassRefuge / GSC


1.09 and newer

Vesuvio / MCY.


1.10 and newer

Bun / The Werewolf Knights


1.10 and newer

NoBrainer / NoPryl


1.10 and newer

Algrab / GROM clan

Portuguese (Brazilian)

1.10 and newer

Figadas /


1.09 and newer


Spanish (Spain)

1.10 and newer

Boner / Clan BDF


1.10 and newer


Default English (needed for translation only)

1.10 and newer


-Hey, my language file version is lower than the latest OFP Watch version?!
-No problem, the files are still compatible. Only new text added in the later versions of OFP Watch will appear in default English. You may safely install a language file with a lower version or upgrade to the latest OFP Watch. A language version matching your OFP Watch version is a guarantee all text will be translated.

If you want to translate OFP Watch into your language just download the default English language file and modify it the way you want. Just send me your translation file by email/ICQ (address last on page). If you want to improve my English, please go ahead and update the English version too.

Download Auto-Addon Server

If you are a game server administrator you might want to consider running the Auto-Addon Server. The server is not needed for basic OFP Watch to functionality. Though, the server gives you a chance to distribute addons via OFP Watch. This helps less computer savvy people to enjoy the full potential of the game. OFP Watch also got a built in browser automatically listing OFP/R servers running Auto-Addon Server.

Download Auto-Addon Server 1.27 for Windows <-- for server admins only

Download Auto-Addon Server 1.27c for Linux <-- for server admins only

Using OFP Watch

Basic instructions below but read also the client FAQ.

The first thing you need to do is at add a server to the list. Push the add button from the main window to get to the server window. If you want to make a setup for an online server select Network server or if you want to make a setup for a local game select Single player.

For an online game server enter the address either as IP or a fully qualified domain name. Optional port number is given with a colon. Example: The ports will automatically be detected if default (2234 or 2302). The address format is compatible with The All Seeing Eye's copy address to clipboard format.

Password can be left blank if not used. If given, OFP Watch will log on to the server with the -password parameter if the server is locked upon auto launch or pushing the Play Now button.

Optional startup parameters/switches can be used to load mods. See the respective mod documentation for details. OFP Watch already utilize the switches -connect, -port, -password and -nosplash so there is no need of adding them to this field.

The description can not be entered when adding a new server, instead it's automatically pulled off the server. If you want to modify the description or any of these fields later, just push edit from the main window.

Once an address is added OFP Watch will begin to monitor the server. Dedicated servers with the correct ports open will provide quite a bit of information and your OFP Watch should look something like this screen shot. Non-dedicated servers will not provide a player list and some other info but server description, mission description, number of players and current status will be there as long as the server is running.

Uncheck Notify me when status changes if you don't want to get bothered by server status changes. Check Launch OFP when this game ends if you want OFP Watch to hit the Play Now button whenever the current mission ends.

Version 0.93 and above can be used in direct conjunction with The All Seeing Eye or other launcher applications. In ASE under the Filter menu, select Configure games and change the OFP/R program location to point at ofpwatch.exe instead of the flashpoint executable. When launching from ASE, OFP Watch will be brought up showing the launched server. Password and player information from ASE are retained by OFP Watch.

Version history

Version 1.22b 2005-Apr-11
A fix for servers with multiple network cards turned out to cause problems when changing watched server. This 'fix' is now reverted and this version should behave as well as version 1.10d.

Version 1.22, 1.22a 2005-Mar-16
The first update in almost a year! Added support for querying VBS1 servers. The addon server needs no special VBS1 update as it is. From the config menu (next to the about button) it is now possible to check an option to always use -nomap. The setting is global for all your added servers/setups so there is no more any need to specify it as an additional parameter.

Version 1.10d 2004-May-17
Added of mod folders loaded by the server to the main window and added an option under Add/Edit server to load same mod folders as the server. This will help when playing at servers loading different mod layouts regularly as long as your local mod folders share the same names with the server. Also added better support for EqualModRequired. When connecting to an equalmodrequired enabled server, OFP Watch will warn if not identical sets of mod folders are being loaded.

Version 1.09, 1.09b & 1.09c 2004-May-8
Multi-language support. All text strings are separated into an external text file. This makes it easy to do translations without having to edit the resources. This also makes it safe to upgrade ofpwatch.EXE without losing the translation. Earlier translators had to make a new language patch every time I released a new OFP Watch. Dialogs windows and buttons have been extended in size to make translation easier. This version does not support right to left written languages, support for that might come later. If no language file exists OFP Watch will default to English. English reading users do not ave to worry about the language file. 1.09b 1.09c got adjusted window sizes to better support Japanese and German.

Version 1.08 2004-Apr-30
News & Messages reprogrammed and internet explorer taken out. OFP Watch is now displaying the banner as an animated bitmap. The earlier IE based view could trigger IE plugins as download managers, anti-virus programs and popup blockers. This will not happen now. Besides, OFP Watch now takes less RAM and is slightly smaller in size. Less Microsoft is often better.

Version 1.07 2004-Apr-21
XP look for people running the XP user interface.

Version 1.06 & 1.06b 2004-Feb-14
Fixed a bug preventing single player setups to be named when first added. Fixed a bug so OFP Watch will keep quotes around name switch (“-name=player name”) when launching with ASE or other launcher.

Version 1.05 2004-Jan-26
Added automatic detection of the 1.96 executable.

Version 1.04 2004-Jan-22
An elapsed time counter was added showing elapsed time for any mission or server status. OFP Watch counts the time from the last known status change. When monitoring OFP servers running Auto-Addon Server version 1.27 or above (still under testing) the elapsed time of any server status will always be known. In that case the server also keeps track of this information and sends it on to OFP Watch if needed. Also updated are the compression libraries for faster installation.

Version 1.03 2004-Jan-15
Added automatic detection of the 1.95 executable. Jan-16: since many of the Auto-Addon supporting servers upgraded to 1.95 I made OFP Watch 1.03 the minimum version. 1.02 still works just as well as long as one specifically specify the executable file.

Version 1.02 2004-Jan-13
Improved automatic detection of executable files. OFP Watch (with Auto-Addon enabled) will identify 1.91, 1.92, 1.93 and 1.94 executable by file size and checksum. For a 1.92+ server the latest version is chosen automatically. A button named @@ was added to the Add/Edit setup window. it It will add all the mod folders suggested by Auto-Addon (What would be automatically selected if you have automatic mod folder selection enabled). A new button named Copy from added to the Add/Edit window. With it you may copy address and settings from another setup.
The download progress window was improved with better average speed measurement, time elapsed, time left, percentage done and more counters. In conjunction with Auto-Addon Server 1.26 the administrator now got the chance deactivate certain addons, great for avoiding known addon conflicts and to prevent server crashes.

Version 1.01 2004-Jan-06
Optional packages should now not show the force connect dialog upon launch.
This is a minor fix and will not yet be distributed via the automatic upgrade feature.

Version 1.00 final 2003-Dec-09
OFP Watch went final, about time eh? Added several options in the Config menu. It's now possible to turn file scanning and Auto-Addon off (for you people never playing against addon servers). It will now minimize to the system tray icon and it will remain running after launching OFP by default. Files installed by Auto-Addon will now get the correct date. The News & messages window was changed from a text box to a HTML view, well I just wanted to try some technology. Temp files will now be deleted within a week.

Version 0.98 beta 2003-Oct-15
Support for custom executables making life easier for people evaluating beta versions of OFP without having to rename files. Support for single player launch added. Manual download of packages now possible from the right click menu in the download screen.

Version 0.97 beta 2003-Sep-24
Several minor bug fixes. Some potential security issues addressed. Show files from download screen now works and a Default to column added showing package default installation root. A new diamond shaped icon added for files installed in a different path since the green triangle was confused with an error/warning. Triangles and x-ed round are now pure evil, round and diamond are good. Option to install addons/file into any mod folder of choice. Automatic mod folder detection improved, it now picks the most optimized combination of mod folders possible. Added manual selection of mod folder loading via user interface in the server add/edit window. The switch enabling/disabling automatic mod folder detection does now not exclude manually added mod folders. It works as an addition therefore this option will be reset to on when upgrading to this version.

Version 0.96d beta 2003-Aug-23
This is the first public release of OFP Watch with Auto-Addon. There is no documentation right now. This release was supposed to come later but due to the 1.92 beta patch I did a quick procedure and uploaded this version. Auto-Addon is makes detection, download and installation of missing and required addons into an automatic process. This feature is only available by game servers supporting Auto-Addon. To support Auto-Addon the game server admin needs to download and install the Auto-Addon Server also available on this page. An addon manager with a higher level packet view and a lower level file view added. OFP Watch can detect and launch the 1.92 beta executable if the file exist and the server requires 1.92. OFP Watch from version 0.96a got automatic download and upgrade of itself. If a newer version of OFP Watch is detected the link button will flash. To upgrade, just click the button and the rest of the upgrade is automatic. In this way I can distribute fixes updates faster and you don't need to bother about unzip and copying files.

Version 0.95a to 0.95h beta
These versions were the unofficial Auto-Addon project development. If you still got a 0.95 version of OFP Watch I suggest you upgrade to the latest version.

Version 0.94 & 0.94b beta 2003-Jul-27
Fixed possible problems when using OFP Watch with the GOTY edition of Operation Flashpoint. OFP Watch should now be able to properly detect the installation path and find the executable files. OFP Watch can now handle long player lists (more than ~25 players). You might notice that the main dialog window changed a bit. This is for the upcoming Auto-Addon features, still not enabled in this version.

Version 0.93 beta 2003-Jul-20
Command line parameters compatible with Operation Flashpoint/Resistance are now accepted by OFP Watch.

Version 0.92 beta 2003-Jul-07
OFP servers tend to report 15 minutes left when the actual time left time is unknown. OFP Watch now compensates for this by instead displaying unknown if this is the case. A player list refresh bug when changing server was corrected. Some dialog buttons and items have been resized or moved to look better. I completely forgot to sort the dialog tab order when making 0.90. This is now corrected. A new more unique but still marxist-styled icon added. A bug making OFP Watch trying to launch OFP over and over again if not successful was corrected.

Version 0.90 beta 2003-Jun-30
Major changes! All server versions of OFP supported. The application will automatically launch the corresponding executable depending on the server. Multiple server support added and a drop down list for easy selection of your favourite server. Password and additional parameters can be set per server. Automatic detection of standard OFP server ports. The monitor button was removed and made into an automatic process. Player list added and several other parameters are displayed for monitoring the server and mission. The application now pulls down a text message from my server when starting up and displays it under the News & messages field.

Version 0.62 alpha 2003-May-27
An estimated ping added to the dialog. Quotes (") added to the path when launching OFP. I have not seen any difference in behaviour but according to the books this can sometimes be necessary to prevent path parsing bugs.

Version 0.60 alpha 2003-May-24
Volume of samples increased with 200%.

Version 0.50 alpha 2003-Feb-26
Play Now button added. The launch checkbox is only available when the server status is setting up, briefing or playing. The window also now flashes if the notify checkbox is set and server status changes.

Version 0.41 alpha 2003-Feb-24
Dialog items adjusted in size to look better. Some debug code removed. Setting up state added (no wave file for this state yet). A bug causing OFP Watch to launch Flashpoint when the server is down removed. A few annoying but non fatal dialog update bugs removed.

Version 0.40 alpha 2003-Feb-23
This is a pre-release of the utility. Bugs are guaranteed and only Operation Flashpoint Resistance servers (version 1.75 and above) are supported in socket mode. It has to this point only been tested on Windows XP Pro but I see no reasons for it not to work on all Windows platforms.

Auto-Addon Server version history

Version 1.27 Win 2004-Jan-28
In conjunction with OFP Watch 1.04 and newer OFP Watch will always show Elapsed time for any ongoing mission. This server is compatible with all older OFP Watch versions.


OFP Watch was written in C++ by John Hammarberg (Certa). The notification voice belongs to Anna-Maria Kontos. Thanks to everyone who helped testing this application.

OFP Watch and Auto-Addon Server uses zlib and the linux version of Auto-Addon Server uses libcUrl.

Thanks to Jochen Krüger (aka Daddl) and Birgir (aka Brain of Red Sector) for helping out with VBS1 support.